What does dreaming about falling stairs mean ?

Dreaming of falling stairs is an extremely common dream. According to researchers, this dream is done more than 35 times within a lifetime. Seems like throughout life, whether you are youthful or old. Cases may vary from a dream to another, but it will be interesting to examine the causes that led you to dream of falling stairs. The smallest details will have their particular importance and will allow you to get a good and personal interpretation. Our subconscious mind uses roundabout way to share messages to us. Dreams are the means of expression of our subconscious.

We present below the different possible interpretations of dreaming of falling stairs:

Dreaming of falling stairs: A lack of confidence

Dreaming of falling stairs is a symbol of insecurity. You are not steady and need to feel safe. You lack confidence in yourself. You don’t dare to start initiatives because you believe it won’t succeed, that you don’t have the talent to create it work. Dreaming of falling stairs shows that with others, you are sometimes afraid that you are not interesting enough. It is vital to take care of this problem if you want to move forward in every area of your life with tranquility.

Dreaming of falling stairs: a reliable partner

On the sentimental level, dreaming of falling stairs shows that you are interested in a trusted spouse on who you can rely on. You are incredibly sensitive and may easily fall in love. You expect a lot from your spouse. You are looking for somebody who lives up to your lifestyle. Dreaming of falling stairs proves that you like fascinating and charismatic persons. You are looking for somebody who will be able to enhance you in the world, somebody you will be proud of. However , you don’t want this love to disturb your ambitions. In the event you dream of falling stairs it means that you’re likely to meet your partner at a party or during a an evening out with a group of friends.

Dreaming of falling stairs: a conspiracy theory

Dreaming of falling stairs can suggest that something happens to be going on behind your back. It seems that your subconscious mind has found signs that shows people around you are plotting against you. Professionally, dreaming of falling stairs shows that your colleagues will try to take a job that is fairly yours. In your personal life, dreaming of falling stairs demonstrates your friends happen to be jealous of you. They might try to keep you away from the group. Within your family, they may be anxiety over an inheritance. Dreaming of falling stairs demonstrates someone is attempting to speed up your fall.

Dreaming of falling stairs means that you are covering an element of your personality. It has to do with your negative aspects that you don’t assume. You find it troublesome to lower the mask and let go. Dreaming of falling stairs proves that you are shy and sometimes alone. This part of your personality could cause your loss if you don’t act in consequence.

Dreaming of falling stairs: symbol of caution

Dreaming of falling stairs proves that you are materialistic, smart and stubborn. You take care of yourself by taking calculated risks. You know how to throw people of balance by your spirit, your will and your panache. Dreaming of falling stairs indicates that you understand ways to impose your point of view naturally. You have an iron fist and progress in life with purpose. Your strong point: combining cunning with boldness. Dreaming of falling stairs means that you happen to be successful area such as education, politics and finance.