What does dreaming about becoming queen mean ?

Last night you had the oddest dream. You dreamt about becoming queen. The mark of this dream was intense when you got up this morning and now you want to know what it means. As Freud revealed in his works, dreams are the way to access our unconscious. The unconscious has a strong power that is untapped by our waking brain. Not all dreams are to be taken literally, but they have a much deeper meaning than we might think. It is not for nothing that experienced therapist use them in their treatments with their patients. Understanding dreams helps doctors to better understand their patients and thus help them to resolve their problems. Understanding your dreams is consequently of paramount importance. Dreaming about becoming queen has a more intricate meaning than you might think.
On this page we will present you the most valuable interpretations associated with dreaming about becoming queen :

Dreaming about becoming queen: wondering

Dreaming about becoming queen signifies a health problem. This problem may concern someone close to you, a relatives or yourself. It’s not necessary a dangerous problem, but it could be bad enough to cause concern. Dreaming about becoming queen signifies that the problem may be due to a mediocre way of life. You will have to be patient and loyal during this ordeal. This will make you comprehend how fleeting life is and how crucial it is to enjoy every moment.
Dreaming about becoming queen can also show that an accident is near. You are a little vulnerable right now. You are not really eating very well. Taking vitamins appears to be the best thing to do. Receptive and sweet to the people around you, dreaming about becoming queen shows that it’s time to think about yourself. Feeling good about your body is crucial for personal development and general well-being.

Dreaming about becoming queen: a duality

Dreaming about becoming queen means that you are a problematic and appealing person. You’re full of duality. You have two facets. Dreaming about becoming queen signifies that you have a multiple personality that can sometimes be hard to follow. You are everywhere at once and find it hard to make up your mind about things . You want everything and its opposite. One day you are white and the next day you are black. This translates into an eclectic clothing style, sometimes traditional and posh, sometimes vibrant and extravagant.
Dreaming about becoming queen signifies that you find it hard to make a decision. Being very open-minded, you are excited about everything and nothing scares you. Dreaming about becoming queen shows that when you have a decision to make, you are confused, you don’t know how to handle it. You review the different choices available but they all seem to be the right ones! At last you are afraid of making the wrong choice and have regret.

Dreaming about becoming queen: resistance to all trials and tribulations

Dreaming about becoming queen shows that in business you are materialistic and hardworking. Your passion is to acquire, more for the feeling of possessing, for the sociable power it gives you, than to actually enjoy it. Calculating, farsighted and structured, dreaming about becoming queen signifies that you prudently protect your interests. In a transaction, you examine the stakes as they are, and deal with the case rationally. You avoid mixing emotions that could cloud your verdict.
Dreaming about becoming queen also signifies that with your superiors you are conscious or resilient. You are inclined to take on many responsibilities. With them alone, you are competing. But you ask them for some compensation in return. Otherwise, you continue to be closed to directions. Dreaming about becoming queen shows that you like to do things your own way and can be very tenacious when you have decided to.