What does dreaming about blood stains mean ?

Last night you had the oddest dream. You dreamt about blood stains. The souvenir of this dream was intense when you woke up this morning and now you want to know what it means. As Freud explained in his works, dreams are the way to access our unconscious. The unconscious has a strong power that is unmined by our waking brain. Not all dreams are to be taken in a proper sense, but they have a much greater meaning than we might think. It is not for nothing that therapists use them during their sessions with their patients. Understanding dreams helps doctors to better identify their patients troubles and therefore help them to solve their problems. Understanding your dreams is consequently of paramount importance. Dreaming about blood stains has a more complicated meaning than you might think.
Below we will give you the significant interpretations linked to dreaming about blood stains :

Dreaming about blood stains: a loss of self-confidence

Dreaming about blood stains means that you are in need of affection. You need to have contact and help and support. Being alone is unsafe for you. Dreaming about blood stains reinforces that you are a sociable person who thrive in a community. You like being part of a team and feeling you participate in something larger than yourself. Feeling admired reassures you and gives you self-confidence. Naturally shy and wise, you are likely to withdraw into yourself when you are not surrounded by gentle people. Dreaming of blood stains shows that human connection is at the heart of your well-being.
Dreaming about blood stains may mean that you are experiencing a phase of sexual temptation. You want to feel free and have fun. The monotony in your couple has made you lose the taste for sensual pleasure. You need to reconnect with your emotions and your overall body. This also means a small lack of self-esteem. Dreaming about blood stains shows that you need to reload your batteries.

Dreaming about blood stains: difficult choices

Dreaming about blood stains suggests that you are a problematic and challenging person. You’re full of duality. You have two side. Dreaming about blood stains means that you have a deep personality that can occasionally be tough to stick to. You are everywhere at once and find it hard to make up your mind about things . You want everything and nothing at the same time. One day you are white and the next day you are black. This results into an bold clothing style, sometimes conventional and stylish, sometimes vibrant and bizarre.
Dreaming about blood stains means that you find it hard to make a decision. Being very open-minded, you are curious about everything and nothing frightens you. Dreaming about blood stains shows that when you have a decision to make, you are confused, you don’t know where to start. You analyze the different options available but they all seem to be the right ones! At last you are scared of making the wrong choice and have regret.

Dreaming about blood stains: your family

Dreaming about blood stains means that you are gonna face a family conflict. Not everything in your family is perfect. Long lasting differences will darken the picture. You may appear like the model family, but few people know that you are experiencing the same kind of issues as everyone else. Dreaming about blood stains means that you sometimes find it hard to talk freely by fear of harming others. You are gentle and altruistic, you are ready to sacrifice yourself to make others happy. Unfortunately, not everyone values it.
Dreaming about blood stains shows that you are gathering resentment that could eventually explode and induce a serious conflict. Bold, careless and hypersensitive, you need to talk about your thoughts and communicate. Dreaming about blood stains shows that you need to consider you family as a place of tranquility and comfort where you feel listened and supported.