What does dreaming about feeling vulnerable mean ?

Last night you had the oddest dream. You dreamt about feeling vulnerable. The mark of this dream was present when you got up this morning and now you want to know what it means. As Freud described in his works, dreams are the way to access our subconscious. The subconscious has a strong power that is unmined by our brain during the day. Not all dreams are to be taken in a proper sense, but they have a much deeper meaning than we might think. There is a reason why doctors use them in their sessions with their patients. Understanding dreams helps doctors to determine their patients issues and thus help them to resolve their problems. Understanding your dreams is therefore of paramount importance. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable has a more challenging meaning than you might think.
Below we will give you the main interpretations related to dreaming about feeling vulnerable :

Dreaming about feeling vulnerable: regaining one’s physicality

Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that you are in need of passion. You need to have contact and support. Solitude is dangerous for you. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reephasizes that you are a friendly person who thrive in a community. You like being part of a group and feeling you are part of something better than yourself. Feeling cherished cheers you and gives you self-confidence. Naturally bashful and sensible, you usually withdraw into yourself when you are not surrounded by warm people. Dreaming of feeling vulnerable reveals that human contact is at the center of your well-being.
Dreaming about feeling vulnerable may mean that you are going through a phase of sexual temptation. You want to open you mind and enjoy yourself !. Over the year you have lost the sight of physical pleasure and forgot about your needs . You need to find your way back to your emotions and your body. This also reveals a small lack of self-confidence. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that you need to recharge your batteries.

Dreaming about feeling vulnerable: an approaching danger

Dreaming about feeling vulnerable is a sign of a hidden threat. You can’t plainly see where it comes from but you feel something is stewing. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that it’s your sixth sense talking. This may be related to a conflictual situation where you have acquired strong awful feelings over time. This situation could push through with a bang, maybe it’s time to take things in charge and neutralise the situation. It’s about being smart enough to avoid unecessary conflict.
Dreaming about feeling vulnerable can also suggest that you undervalue a situation. You don’t pay enough attention to a menace. You think it is trivial and don’t even bother to think about it. This could bounce back and you could loose everything. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that you need to pay more attention to what surround you.

Dreaming about feeling vulnerable: your family

Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that you are gonna face a family discord. Not everything in your family is ideal. Internal issues will obscure the picture. You may appear to be the model family, but few people know that you are experiencing the same kind of problems as everyone else. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that you sometimes believe it is very difficult to talk freely simply by fear of harming others. You are compassionate and altruistic, you are happy to sacrifice yourself to make others happy. Unfortunately, not everyone values it.
Dreaming about feeling vulnerable reveals that you are accumulating resentment that could sooner or later explode and cause a serious conflict. Brave, sloppy and delicate, you need to talk about your emotions and communicate. Dreaming about feeling vulnerable means that you need to consider you family as a place of tranquility and serenity where you feel listened and protected.