What does dreaming about fighting mean ?

Dreaming about fighting is a fairly basic dream. If the dream has leaved such an noticeable mark that you remember it when you wake up, it is important to try to understand its meaning. Understanding our dreams and their implications in real life is a way of getting to know yourself. Each detail of the dream will provide additional information which, matched with the others, will offer you a unique and reliable interpretation. Understanding the signals sent by our unconscious mind through dreams is a very helpful help in self-understanding. Dreaming about fighting is not to be taken literaly. In fact, dreaming about fighting can have diverse meanings according to the person.
You will find in this article the essential interpretations related to dreaming about fighting:

Dreaming about fighting: challenges and plans

Dreaming of fighting suggests that you are shaky by nature. You have not yet become aware of yourself. You are still trying to find out who you are and who you want to be. It seems that you need to work on yourself, to become familiar with yourself, your goals, your desires, in order to avoid discording situations. Dreaming about fighting reveals that this instability contributes to a loss of energy. You’re in a state of change and have difficulty reaching your goals. Every obstacle appears to be impossible. Dreaming about fighting implies that you need to learn how to see the bigger picture and analyse each situation more subtly.
Dreaming about fighting signifies that you lack self-esteem. You often question your decisions and doubt your skills. You would like to be stronger in your decisions. You are fairly and quickly impacted by the other’s people judgments. This situation makes you suffer, that’s what this fighting means. Because you are unable to rebel in real life, your unconscious is releasing this energy in your dreams. Dreaming about fighting reveals that you are going through a phase of disagreement.

Dreaming of fighting: a feeling of injustice

Dreaming of fighting suggests that you don’t feel appreciated. You feel like people around you don’t notice your efforts or your abilities. You have to constantly demonstrate that you are trustworthy.
Dreaming of fighting signifies that you wish more encouragement from those close to you. You would like them to support you in your decisions instead of questioning them. You have gained enough experience now to make rational and sensible decisions. You know where you are going and you want your relatives and friends to understand it. Contrary to your dream, be sure to handle this situation in a serene and realistic manner. Dreaming about fighting reveals that you should never get carried away by your emotions.

Dreaming of fighting: a good charisma

Dreaming of fighting signifies that a project is about to become real. You are on the home stretch. The struggle generated in your dream is linked to the adrenaline of this realization. This is a great sign. On a professional level, dreaming about fighting signifies that you will make a project that will bring you a lot of popularity from your associates. You will finally be respected at your true worth. On a personal level, if you are single, dreaming of fighting signifies that you are in a positive dynamic that makes you very desirable. Your suitors are unlikely to resist your charm. You motivate self-confidence and calmness. As a couple, dreaming of fighting signifies that your partner loves you more than ever. You have a great relation and picture the same future. Dreaming of fighting is an excellent omen indicating success in your projects.