What does dreaming about giving rings mean ?

Last night you dreamt about giving rings. That dream has a very solid meaning. As Sigmund Freud shown, dreams are the portal to our subconscious. With that in mind, we understand that interpreting our dreams is vital. Interpreting dreams is a wonderful tool for personal development. The meaning of your dream about giving rings will vary from one person to another according to his or her history, life experience and current emotional state. It will therefore be necessary to shape the interpretation in order to give it a meaning that is specific to you. By doing so, this interpretation can then help you better understand yourself or unblock a situation.
Dreaming about giving rings could be interpreted in the following way:

Dreaming about giving rings: a duality

If you feel embarrassed dreaming about giving rings it means that you are arrogant, selfish, bossy and sometimes snobby. You like everything to turn around you. You need to feel respected by those around you, to be treated like a king. You find it hard to take other’s people feeling into account because you believe your approach is the only one. Dreaming of giving rings shows that you are superficial. You live for appearances. You value people’s opinion about you. Dreaming of giving rings shows that you are continuously competing with the people around you. You need to be the best regardless if it means bashing others. Dreaming of giving rings shows that you dislike failing. You sometimes lack self-assurance and are receptive to flattery. Beware of ill-intentioned people who might want to take advantage of you.
If you feel great about your dream of giving rings it means that you are arrogant, straight, ambitious and excellent. You like to be seen. Your lust is instinctive, you are like a civilized beast. You like to glow and be the best at what you do. Dreaming of giving rings means that your self-assurance and your natural authority will help you get whatever you shoot for. Free and compassionate, you like to impress your world with your gifts and presence.

Dreaming of giving rings: liberation of speech

Dreaming of giving rings can be a symbol of dissatisfaction. It can symbolize a state of stress in which you feel caught.
Dreaming about giving rings might be associated with the intimate sphere. It shows that you are sexually dissatisfied. If you are in a relationship, all of the unsaid damage your couple and lead to unsatisfaction. Talking this through will provide you with comfort but above all fulfilment. If you are single, dreaming of giving rings shows that your libido is unsatisfied. Sex takes a back seat for you when it could help you gain self-assurance and blossom.
Dreaming about giving rings also shows that you have a strong personality. On the one hand you run away from feelings and comfort yourself with an voracious need for flirting. You will set up for someone with a strong personality. On the other hand, you are sentimental and you dream of meeting your true love. A person who will understand you and make your dreams come true. Dreaming of giving rings reveals that you have a weak spot for young and delicate people.

Dreaming of giving rings: big changes coming

Dreaming of giving rings is a sign of great changes. You need to break away from the daily routine of everyday life and enjoy the fun. You need to get free from your comfort zone and begin new projects. Change is necessary if you want to preserve your physical and mental integrity.