What does dreaming about killing insects mean ?

Dreaming about killing insects can be frightening and give rise to a lot of questions. Since the dawn of time, dreams have been seen as an manifestation of our emotions and deep thoughts. Psychoanalysts find in them a way to understand you and help you solve your problems. Freud was the 1st to describe dreams as the “royal road to our unconscious”. He saw dreams as a way for our brain to gets rid of the worries of the day but also to absorb what we have learned. Dreaming about killing insects is therefore to be placed in a global context. The meaning of this dream is not to be taken literally, it is much more complex. The same dream will have many different symbolism based on the person who makes it and its story.
Below in this article, we outline the main meanings of dreaming about killing insects:

Dreaming about killing insects: an awareness

Dreaming of killing insects is a symbol of a need to regain control over your life. For a little while now you have been feeling vulnerable. You have let others make crucial decisions for you. At the time, it appeared to be the best or easiest thing to do. You didn’t put up any resistance. Dreaming about killing insects obviously proves that you are in a kind of fatality. It is a destructive circle. Dreaming about killing insects is a warning sent from your unconscious mind. It tells you that the situation has gone on long enough and that it is time to wake up. You’ve neglected too much.
Dreaming about killing insects proves that you are in the midst of an awakening. You see things more distinctly. You have regained your self-confidence. The time for submission is over. Assert your position and your thoughts with peace and serenity, you will be more respected.

Dreaming about killing insects: a need for change

Dreaming about killing insects is a representation of your unconstructive emotions. It is a very strong symbol and a bad omen. You encounter a lot of anger in real life. You are enduring a very painful time. Dreaming about killing insects proves that you are not able to step back and dispose of these negative feelings. It takes a lot of bravery and self-sacrifice to eradicate undesirable emotions or to come out of a negative situation. Don’t be afraid to look for help or advice from those around you.
Dreaming about killing insects proves that you wish to clean out these destructive emotions. It is a first step forward that shows your desire to change. You need to reinvent yourself and discover meaning in your life. Dreaming about killing insects proves that your unconscious now knows that these pessimistic emotions were unhealthy for to you.

Dreaming about killing insects: sharpened flair

Dreaming about killing insects reveals that, at work, you are conciliatory and fair. You seek understanding with the other person instead of the gain itself. You are always willing to hear other people’s arguments and you know how to weigh things up. Dreaming about killing insects seems to signify that you are shy when it comes to take initiatives or make decisions. You constantly look for guidance from your friends in order to get an other opinion. You are sometimes idealistic and make compromises that seem relatively genuine.
Dreaming about killing insects means that your three weapons at work are your smile, your passion and your team spirit. Dreaming about killing insects proves that you’re the person who get along with anybody and can smooth out the rough edges in a conflict. You make the right concessions at the right time. If problems show up, you are able to delay and avoid obstacles smoothly and successfully. Dreaming about killing insects proves that you know how to deal with your coworkers and encourage good will. This necessitates a certain talent, “savoir faire” and good communication skills.