What does dreaming about locked up mean ?

Last night you dreamt about getting locked up. When you got up this morning, you noticed that you remember everything that happened. This is what happens when the dream has a greater meaning than it seems. For many years now it has been accepted that dreams are our subconscious way of talking to us. Our subconscious mind release several information or feelings through scenarios worthy of the greatest Hollywood movies! Understanding your dreams is a great tool for personal development. In the long term it will help you to understand yourself better. Dreaming about getting locked up is not to be taken in a proper sens.
We present on this page the predominant interpretations related to dreaming about getting locked up:

Dreaming about getting locked up: healthy values

Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you are still looking for the real value of things. You have great values and you are open-minded. You are fair and ready to help people in need. Careful, able of long-range action, you put all your energy in what you are doing, with lucidity and self-control. Dynamic in spite of your apparent slowness, you are productive when required. Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you are by nature stable and devoted in love and friendship. You are attracted to power, law, economics, science, philosophy, and research.

Dreaming about getting locked up: need for freedom

Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you’re a fierce lover. You like to seduce you partner with tact and grace. You are not just a heart to be taken but rather a fortress to besiege! In fact, this is what you like to make people believe. You show your defensive side, with a biting and major spirit. But when you like someone, you can’t ignore the pleasant attentions and bewilder they give you with innocence and passion. Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you want a supportive partner who encourages you with curiosity, while respecting you and you habits. When you are in love, you are a good and faithful person with whom to conquer life’s challenges.
Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that to seduce you can play Two strategy. The first one is being protective, you want to demonstrate that you know what you are doing and that people can trust you for you are a smart person. Comforting, genuine, definite, practical, you seek to be someone people look up to. The 2cd one is the other way around! You sometimes feel afraid, destitute, awkward or even vulnerable. This attitude makes people want to take care of you. You can make your partner feel protective and important to you.

Dreaming about getting locked up: a analytical mind

On a business level, dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you are overconfident, altruistic and scrupulously honest. People will choose to to take advantage of you due to your concilient nature and your will to do what’s best for everyone. You take pride in knowing that you deserve the trust of others. You are more receptive when working for others than working for yourself. Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you dialogue a lot and argue perfectly, more out of entertainment than out of necessity. In a transaction, you may stun by your unconventional tactics or by your argumentativeness. Dream about getting locked up signifies that you are on the verge of finalizing a deal that will induce a cash inflow.
Dreaming about getting locked up also reveals that you are radical and impartial. Targeted, you are both versatile and stubborn, conciliatory and machiavellian. Aiming for efficiency, you apply unique methods to confuse your foe. In a transaction, you can get the other up to speed because you don’t get lost in the details. Or you could complicate the situation to confuse your challenger. Dreaming about getting locked up reveals that you are very quick to evaluate things and people.