What does dreaming about losing toenails mean ?

It’s truly normal to dream about losing toenails. Oftentimes considered a negative omen, dreaming of losing toenails can be terrifying. Yet in the world of dreams, nothing should be taken at face value. In fact many variables come into play. It’s imperative to consider the full scenario of the dream. A very distinctive focus must be paid to the details and the feelings that this dream has brought in you. It is also important to consider your current psychological state of mind. Many researchers have analyzed the question and have tried to give an explicit answer. Experienced therapist still make use of dreams with their patients in therapy today. As a means of expression of our unconscious mind, they allow us to access the info that we hide from ourselves.
This is why we present on this site the most valuable interpretations associated with dreaming about losing toenails:

Dreaming about losing toenails: susceptability

Dreaming about losing toenails implies that you are dealing with a period of worry . You have a lot of uncertainties about yourself or your decisions. You question each of your decisions and have issue relying on yourself . You have a fear in your heart that you don’t quite understand. Fear is a serious feeling that paralyzes us. It inhibits you from moving forward by enclosing you in a kind of bubble which gives you an illusion of safety. Dreaming about losing toenails means that you are already aware about this situation. Becoming aware of it is one thing, acting against it is another.
Dreaming about losing toenails shows that you are vulnerable. Fear and stress paralyzes you . You question your choices and opinions. You can’t distinguish between what you desire and what others expect of you. This is a risky situation that leaves you at the mercy of manipulators. So be careful of people who will make you excessively appealing proposals. Human nature is sometimes obscure. Don’t be afraid to say no and assert your rights . Only you are able of knowing what is good for you. Dreaming about losing toenails means that you can take assistance from the people who love you, so don’t be reluctant to ask for help.

Dreaming about losing toenails: a frustration

Dreaming about losing toenails may have something to do with your sexuality . Freud was the first to make the connection between dreams of loosing and sexuality. Dreaming about losing toenails can be a sign of intimate frustration . You are not sexually fulfilled. Dreaming about losing toenails might may be related to the difficulties you have to share your desires clearly. It can be hard, even frightening, to talk about sexuality, especially if you have non ordinary fantasies. Dissatisfaction, however, will cause a sense of unfulfillment. Slowly but surely, you begin to lose self-confidence in yourself and start to question your life. An active and accomplished sexuality is the main component of a successful relationship. Take the initiative to open a dialogue . For men, dreaming about losing toenails can hide a trouble of powerlessness that can only be resolved by opening dialogue. For women, dreaming about losing toenails might indicate a lack of attention from her or his partner.

Dreaming about losing toenails: a dangerous lifestyle

Dreaming about losing toenails means that you would benefit from taking better care of yourself. You’ve been a little neglecting lately. Unhealthy diet, limited activity … your unconscious is sending you a clear message. Take more time to take care of yourself.
Dreaming about losing toenails can also indicate that you are dealing with a small sadness. Lack of energy, desire to be alone, you tend to distance yourself. This can be as risky as losing toenails!
Dreaming about losing toenails can also indicate that you are scared of growing older with all that it implies. You are afraid that you will no further be appealing to others. You feel terrible about your physique and are afraid of being rejected by others. Dreaming about losing toenails may be a signal warning you to pay more attention to your body. Your lifestyle may be a little too much.