What does dreaming about missing luggage mean ?

Last night you dreamt about missing luggage. This morning when you woke up, you remember that dream perfectly. Now you want to know its meaning. Our unconscious mind needs dreams to give us info. The scenarios it stages may be unexpected and occasionally mind blowing. So dreaming about missing luggage should not be taken literally. Its interpretation will fluctuate according to the dreamer, his story and his mind-set. Many components must be taken into account: the emotions you felt during your dream, the details that were around you, the circumstances of this failure, the people present … It will be necessary to cross-reference the info to get a personalized interpretation.
Here are the main interpretations of dreaming about missing luggage :

Dreaming about missing luggage: a need for secureness

Dreaming about missing luggage shows your lack of assurance. You tend to negativity specifically when you feel anxiety. On one hand you like struggle and novelty but, on the other hand, it worries you. Dreaming of missing luggage shows that you are scared of not being up to the task and not succeeding. You are likely to select the most simple way, the one where you are most comfy with, to make sure you succeed.

Dreaming about missing luggage: an troubled personality

Dreaming about missing luggage indicates that you are facing a problem that is stopping you. You feel helpless and don’t know how to react. Every single decision you might make would have repercussions, and you’re not sure you want to face them. Dreaming about missing luggage indicates that you are troubled when it comes to taking the plunge. You have to weigh the benefits and disadvantages to make sure you are making the right decision. Sometimes you need to go for it and demonstrate courage.
Dreaming about missing luggage indicates that in you love relationship you are difficult and secretive. With your loved one you are at crisis. It hardly ever happens to you but you don’t know what to do. Generally, you like to create mystery and amaze. Dreaming of missing luggage shows that a lot of your charm is from your magnetic or bewitching gaze. If you are a man you easily play the dark handsome stranger, and if you are a woman you develop your beauty. You can be alluring and sarcastic, you seduce by your cynicism or your feline side that instantly get you suiter attention. Dreaming about missing luggage means that you usually push your partner to show himself or herself first, and you skillfully make use of his confessions to reach your ends.

Dreaming about missing luggage: kindness and commitment

Dreaming about missing luggage indicates that you wish to protect your freedom, and don’t like to feel tied down by money. You plan pretty much everything, so you don’t get caught off guard. You live with an ideal which is not material, you do not have big desires. In a transaction, you allow yourself to be led by your moral instinct, which dictates your actions. Dreaming of missing luggage indicates that you search for consideration above everything else. You know how to be nice. You give yourself a altruistic and devoted kind.
On a professional level, dreaming about missing luggage indicates that you live to succeed. Your ambition constantly drives you towards money and fortune. You invest in whatever is best, you always need the best. Dreaming about missing luggage shows that you know how to add love in what you do. You are kind but demanding. You have a very paternal, directive, cunning and keen side. Dreaming of missing luggage means that you are very demonstrative and positive.
Dreaming about missing luggage indicates that your relationship to money, sex and power is totally linked to your personality. This is why you generally have an ambiguous or intense relationship to money without always being aware of it. Dream of missing luggage shows that you have a fantastic perception of the power of money, how it buys consciousness and arouses desires.