What does dreaming about seeing numbers mean ?

Dreaming about seeing numbers is a very common dream. It shows up into everybody life at any moment of life. There is nothing strange or excessive about dreaming about seeing numbers, even if you feel the opposite. Dreams carry us to unreal worlds. The wildest scenarios come to life and transport us for a few hours in a fabulous universe. But dreams are never to be translated literally – it’s quite the opposite. They are part of the world of dreaming where the craziest situations come to life. As a way of expression of our unconscious, dreams give us info that it are important to examine. Therapists have been using them for years with their patients. Interpreting dreams is a legitimate discipline.
Here, we present the plausible meanings of dreaming about seeing numbers :

Dreaming about seeing numbers: Handling your money well

Dreaming about seeing numbers may indicate money coming in quickly. Your financial condition is inclined to improve, which will allow you to breathe deeply. This money will come in the form of an inheritance.
Dreaming about seeing numbers says a lot about your relationship with money. You are intimately connected to money. Even if, in your youth, you were carefree about financial issues, you manage your belongings well and you quickly know where your interest lies. Dreaming about seeing numbers reveals that, for you, money was made to experience the joys of life. When you feel lousy, you need to purchase, to lift you up. You really become aware of your money when you own a house or capital. Dreaming about seeing numbers shows that money makes you feel safe and sound and gives you a sense of power. You are a reasonable person and you demand to have a sturdy material base based on solid values: real estate, art objects,… You want to invest your money without taking risk.

Dreaming of seeing numbers: a clever actor

Dreaming about seeing numbers shows that you’ve unmasked someone. People in your life lied to you and claimed to be someone they weren’t. They were in a position to fool you for a while, but you have at last perceived what was going on. Dreaming about seeing numbers reveal that they took advantage of you and now you feel betrayed. Clear up the problem with this person and move on, you’ve wasted enough time.
Dreaming about seeing numbers reveals that you are a clairvoyant person. You see precisely into people’s tricks because you are a player. This is very practical for your love life. Dreaming about seeing numbers reveals that to seduce you use all you have. When you are seducing someone, you deploy all of your ability, you well flatter your partner by offering the best of yourself. Dreaming about seeing numbers shows that you like to make-believe that you are not looking for love even if deep down inside you would like to meet a person who will make your heart capsize.

Dreaming about seeing numbers: an empathetic personality

Dreaming about seeing numbers shows that you are outgoing, wonderful, conciliatory and sentimental. You are a person people can rely on. You are supportive while remaining impartial. You are careful not to let yourself be influenced. When you have to make up your mind, you first consider the pros and cons. Dreaming about seeing numbers indicates that you have a sense of justice.
Dreaming about seeing numbers reveals that you have a strong sense of duty. You are worldly and politically minded, and you can manipulate consciences to get what you want from others. Dreaming about seeing numbers indicates that fully express yourself the moment you have set a goal for yourself. You then deploy your skills and your time to achieve it.
Dreaming about seeing numbers shows that you need long lasting contact with others, to converse in order to enrich or renew yourself. Seduction reassures you. Dreaming about seeing numbers shows that, through your life, you will show a very human side.