What does dreaming about selling underwears mean ?

Last night you had a dream about selling underwears. The souvenir of that dream is still very intense in your mind. This means that this dream has a very particular meaning for you. Dreams never come up by chance. Dreams are the means of expression of our unconscious mind. They bring information sent by our unconscious to free us from our shackles. However, these messages are not constantly very clear. Our unconscious creates the most loony scenarios worthy of the best Hollywood productions! Sadly i must say, these scenarios make the messages more difficult to understand. As experienced therapist do with their clients, you should try to understand the dream by looking at the tiniest details. Every detail of dreaming about selling underwears will bring additional info.
We present below the essential interpretations associated with dreaming about selling underwears :

Dreaming about selling underwears: questioning

Dreaming about selling underwears indicates a health problem. This problem may concern someone close to you, a relatives or yourself. It’s not necessary a critical problem, but it might be bad enough to cause a lot of pain. Dreaming about selling underwears indicates that the problem may be caused by a negative way of life. You will have to be patient and supportive during this ordeal. This will make you understand how short lived life is and how important it is to enjoy every moment.
Dreaming about selling underwears can also signify that an accident is near. You are a little weakened right now. You are not always eating very well. Taking vitamins seems to be the best thing to do. Attentive and good to the people around you, dreaming about selling underwears shows that it’s time to put yourself first. Feeling good about yourself is crucial for personal development and general well-being.

Dreaming about selling underwears: beware!

Dreaming about selling underwears is a sign of an obscured threat. You can’t clearly see where it comes from but you feel something is rumbling. Dreaming about selling underwears shows that it’s your sixth sense talking. This may be related to a situation of silent conflict where you have accumulated strong bad feelings over time. This situation might explode with a bang, maybe it’s time to take the lead and defuse the situation. It’s about being smart enough to avoid unecessary disagreement.
Dreaming about selling underwears can also suggest that you undervalue a situation. You don’t pay enough attention to a menace. You think it is unimportant and don’t even bother to think about it. This could backfire and you could loose everything. Dreaming about selling underwears indicates that you need to pay more attention to the things and people around you.

Dreaming about selling underwears: high ambitions

Dreaming about selling underwears indicates that you are in a confusing professional period. You are doing a good job and your managers appreciate you. Your co-workers are full of praise for you, they like working with you because you are constantly in a good mood. Dreaming about selling underwears reveals that, on the whole, you enjoy your work, but sometimes you feel you need more. You know that you are equipped for more. Your current jobs have become mechanical, you no longer feel like you are learning but rather stagnating. Dreaming about selling underwears shows that you are ready for an evolution but nothing happens. This makes you doubt your expertise. You are fed up of always having to demonstrate that you are able of more and that you are trustworthy. It is time to make it clear to your managers what you want. Don’t wait to be given, take! Make your hopes clear to your managers so that the next advancement is for you. Dreaming about selling underwears indicates that you need to stop hiding.