What does dreaming about up mean ?

Who hasn’t dreamt of flying up? Nobody ! It can bring an exceptional feeling of freedom. It is almost certainly the most ancient dream in the history of mankind. The scenario staged by your subconscious during this dream shows a lot about you. Dreams are the language of our subconscious. Our unconscious mind needs dreams to send us messages. The scientific community has long utilized this techniqueto treat their clients, especially in therapy. The dream of flying up therefore makes a lot of sense. Interpreting your dreams will enlighten you about yourself and the problems you face in your waking life.
In this post, we present the significant interpretations that can be made of the dream of flying up :

Dream of flying up: an escape from reality

Dreaming of flying up is an unreal action that proves your want to escape from reality. You are fighting a destabilizing problem to which you don’t know how to respond. You don’t want to hurt people’s sensitivity. Dreaming of flying up is a solid message that shows that this situation cannot last forever.
Dreaming of flying up reveals that you are an romantic, shy and disarming person. You reveal agreeable and you constantly tend to act in everyone best interests. You understand how to be accommodating and good with others. Dreaming of flying up means that you are naturally confident and reliable, which makes you an easy prey for manipulative flatterers. You have a very good heart and want to help people in need. Dreaming of flying up proves that people will tend to take advantage of you.

Dreaming of flying up: self-confidence

Dreaming of flying up proves that you are in a phase of spiritual elevation. You have reached a point in your life where you know yourself by heart. You recognize your weak spots and talents. You are less hard on yourself. Dreaming of flying up signifies that you know what you want and what you don’t want and knows how to show firmness in your decisions. You are proud of the person you have become. Dreaming of flying up as you fly towards the sky reveals that you are in a positive spiritual posture. Dreaming of flying up towards the ground indicates that you are not yet entirely in tune with your inner self.
On a professional level, dreaming of flying up reveals that you are a grounded person who can be counted on. With your managers you are very conciliatory. You constantly have a way to reassure them, stimulate self-esteem and show them how valuable you can be. Dreaming of flying up proves that you are modest, intense and astute. You assume your responsibilities and consistently follow their instructions. Dreaming of flying up means that you captivate with your seriousness and charm.

Dreaming of flying up: prosperity

On a personal level, dreaming of flying up reveals that, for you, love is very much related to prestige. You have to feel proud of your partner. Very sensitive to flattery, love should most importantly assure and comfort you. Dreaming of flying up proves that you love to take the initiative to meet and seduce your prey. You love to handle everything but you understand how to stay good. Being very delicate, you are ready to giving yourself away with passion so your partner feels good with you. Dreaming of flying up proves that you can be easily jealous and possessive. You do not accept competition or deceptiveness, which you consider serious attacks on your honor. Very irreverent, you like to trigger confrontation, to be theatrical and fiery.
Dreaming of flying up proves that you know how to be noticed. You are strong and charming and constantly ready for seduction. You have a little arrogant side which is not to displease your conquests. You conquer your partner with self-confidence. Dreaming of flying up also reveals that you love to be wooed to your full potential. You love to make a good impression by telling people your exploits or showing off your knowledge.