What does dreaming about wearing earrings mean ?

Dreaming about wearing earrings is a recurring dream. It may seem surprising but we now know that dreams are part of an imaginary world where there is no limit. Any dream related to the meaning of speech will be particularly interesting to interpret. There is nothing trivial about dreaming about wearing earrings. This image carries meaning. It is important to take into account the sensations and emotions that this dream has provoked in you. Only a detailed analysis will allow you to obtain a fair and personal interpretation. But it is worth it because, as Professor Freud said, dreams are the way to our unconscious and therefore to a better knowledge of ourselves.
We present below the main interpretations of the dreaming about wearing earrings:

Dreaming about wearing earrings: the fear of losing someone / conflicts in love / mutual help and solidarity / a strong sensitivity

Dreaming about wearing earrings indicates that you are afraid of losing someone in your life. This loss can be physical or symbolic. If you are in a relationship, dreaming about wearing earrings means that you feel that your relationship is falling apart, you are afraid that your partner will leave you for someone else.
Dreaming about wearing earrings can also indicate that someone close to you is sick. Their condition is affecting you more than you are willing to admit. You have a very sensitive personality that you do not show to anyone. Your subconscious mind is using the dream to send you a message and push you to act. Dreaming about wearing earrings shows that you need to spend more time with this person and help them so that you don’t have any regrets.

Dreaming about wearing earrings: a feeling of guilt / selfishness and guilt / taking responsibility

Dreaming about wearing earrings shows that you feel a strong sense of guilt. Speech is a very strong symbol of guilt. Something terrible/unfortunate has happened and you feel that you did nothing to prevent it. You feel a little responsible. If you have ignored a friend’s pleas for help, that you did not help him when he asked you to. The guilt is eating away at you. Dreaming about wearing earrings that you were selfish and blame yourself.
Dreaming about wearing earrings may also indicate that you have failed your family duty. You were too focused on your plans and put everything else aside. You weren’t there when you needed to be, and now you regret it. Dreaming about wearing earrings shows that you can easily hide your feelings from those close to you. However, in the long run, you find it difficult to bring them out.

Dreaming about wearing earrings: a betrayal / a difficult betrayal / a disappointment

Dreaming of wearing earrings indicates that you feel betrayed in real life. The symbolism of the word shows that this betrayal has touched you very much. You feel weakened. If dreaming about wearing earrings is painful, it means that deep down the betrayal is not unforgivable and that you need time. If, on the contrary, dreaming about wearing earrings does not cause you any pain, it means that the person who betrayed you is out of your life for good, his fault is unforgivable/the sentence is irrevocable.

Dreaming about wearing earrings: an incomplete personality / a prisoner of your own rules / a need for space / security and caution / a realistic personality

Dreaming about wearing earrings may indicate that you feel incomplete. Either you are exercising too much control over your life by imposing too many rules of conduct on yourself. Or another person has a power of domination over you and imposes his or her life choices on you. Dreaming about wearing earrings is a way for you to release the pressure. You don’t have enough space to express your creativity.
Dreaming about wearing earrings indicates this feeling of lack can lead you to have a complicated relationship with money. You tend to be afraid of risk and prefer to accumulate money patiently. You manage your budget with economy and realism. Dreaming about wearing earrings reveals that you are persevering, hard-working but always cautious. You are not afraid to sacrifice yourself at work. Dreaming about wearing earrings shows that you are rather distrustful in business but that you can be very generous towards your loved ones and family.