What does dreaming of feeling sick mean ?

Last night you dreamed of feeling sick. You are awake this morning with a feeling of embarrassment. This pain has perhaps disturbed you to the point that you now want to look for its interpretation. The power of this pain will give more meaning to your dream. A feeling of slight pain will be less significant than a solid pain. As Freud established in his time, dreams are the ways of expression of our subconscious mind. Outside of their dreamlike aspect, they have a deep and precise meaning for each dreamer. They can refer to a real evil that is impacting you right now. Your unconscious is trying to make you face reality.
In this article we present you a few common scenarios that might arise in your dream of feeling sick and their interpretations:

Dreaming of feeling sick : the pain is strong

You dreamed of feeling sick pain and the pain was strong. The pain takes your breath away. It prevents you from moving forward or running away if you are in a dangerous situation. This shows that you need to make a significant decision. You have great goal and are extremely strict with yourself. You never give yourself a break in the action. Your body suffers from it, it is exhausted. Keep in mind that you are not a machine. Take time for yourself. Your health must not take 2cd place. Nothing very good will happen to you if you burn out. Dreaming of feeling sick hurt shows that professional accomplishment is on your life’s path.

Dreaming of feeling sick : the pain is low

You dreamed of feeling sick pain but the pain was low. The pain is not very intense but it is present. Your body is looking to warn you of a real pain that is present in you. It might be time to go for a routine check-up with your doctor. Dreaming of feeling sick hurt can also be associated with internal struggle. A struggle against yourself creating a questioning and reassessment of your options. The conflict may consist of or have a relationship with someone near to you with who you share history.

Dreaming of feeling sick pain: this pain is inflicted on you by another person

You dreamt of feeling sick hurt and this pain was inflicted on you by another person. It nearly seems like a situation of torture. The symbolism is solid. If you know the person who inflict the pain, it announces a violent disagreement. If you don’t know the person who inflict you feeling sick in your dream, it shows that you are putting up mental obstacles. You’re too demanding on yourself. You don’t pay attention to your body. You mentalize your needs and push your body to its limits. The secret of stability is an alignment between body and mind that leads you to a excellent knowledge of yourself. Meditation may help you to make things right.

Dreaming of feeling sick hurt: you hurt yourself

You dreamed of feeling sick hurt and you inflicted that pain on yourself. The pain is present but not really very violent. This shows that you are experiencing a period of anxiety. You keep looking at your watch and can’t time for anything. Dreaming of feeling sick hurt shows that you give a lot of time and importance to others. You are seemed to put yourself in the background. This is negative for your inner balance. At the professional level, dreaming of feeling sick hurt shows that you need to affirm your posture and achievements. The financial benefits will not be immediate, but they will be there.

Dreaming of feeling sick is a very general dream. It was a dream that disturbed you. It is never pleasant to feel pain. That’s most likely why you woke up with the need to know more, to understand the message sent by your subconscious mind. This pain is most likely only the expression of an currently existing discomfort. We recommend you to cross-reference the info and details of your dream to be able to get a even more precise interpretation.