What does dreaming of seeing urine mean ?

Dreaming about seeing urine is quite basic, everyone of us has already had that dream. It appears multiple times in our lives. Dreaming about seeing urine can have a deeper meanings than it seems. Your subconscious is able of constructing the most terrific and utopian situations. When you wake up, you must take the time to analyze each element in order to obtain an correct and personal interpretation. In psychoanalysis, doctors regularly use dream interpretation as a means of understanding their patients. The information you have during your sleep is completely inaccessible when you are conscious. Dreaming about seeing urine therefore has a strong symbolic value.
However, we must also take into account the possibility that you just wanted to pee while you sleep and your brain sent you the message through your dream. In this case it is a simple physical need.
We present below the main interpretations of dreaming about seeing urine:

Dreaming about seeing urine: Accept your emotions

Dreaming about seeing urine means you have to let go. You have to open yourself to your emotions without attempting to control them. Instead, try to appreciate and accept them. It takes will, but you can do it. Keeping everything to yourself can be the origin of unhappiness that makes you unhappy. Dreaming about seeing urine can be seen as a warning signal.
Dreaming about seeing urine implies that you are rejecting some of your emotions. You are preventing yourself from feeling affection for someone close to you. You find this abnormal and it generates pessimistic emotions in you. Pretending not to see them won’t do you any good.
You may also feel a lack of privacy in your life. Dreaming about seeing urine may then be a way for you to mark your territory. You are seeking to put up barriers to secure yourself from invasion by others. This may have something to do with your family, a connection that is extremely strong and intrusive that prevents you from growing alone.
Dreaming about seeing urine can reveal a loss of control over your life. You feel that you are passive and that things are imposed on you without you having any say. You have never really made any major decisions in your life and you have allowed yourself to be carried away by “the easy way”. Dreaming about seeing urine means your need to take back control over your life.

Dreaming about seeing urine: a new era

Dreaming about seeing urine means a generalized state of tension. You feel rejected. You feel like you have been used by someone who then turned you down. You feel like you have been used. Dreaming about seeing urine shows that you naturally have struggle having faith in others. You have a distrustful nature. Trying to see others and the world in a more pleasant way may help you and get rid of tension.
Dreaming about seeing urine can also signify that you are in a phase of enjoyment that will bring you peace of mind. You have solved a long-standing problem and can finally relax. You feel liberated. You are coming into a new stage of your life. Dreaming about seeing urine shows that it is time to turn the page and start new projects.

Dreaming about seeing urine: unexpected news

Dreaming about seeing urine might be the harbinger of good financial news. After a difficult period of doubt about your future, things are getting better and money should come in. Expect money in the form of a professional development. This money will be pleasant and will enable you realise a project that is important to you. In this case, dreaming about seeing urine is auspicisous.