What does dreaming of your poop mean ?

Dreaming of your poop is pretty common. It is hard to talk about this dream around you because excrement has a rather bad image. Having this kind of talk in society would be rather inappropriate. However, dreaming of your poop occurs often and to absolutely everyone. Dreams are often connected with the world of creativity and illusion because of their drollery. However, as Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung revealed years ago, they are the entrance to our unconscious. Our unconscious uses dreams to send us messages. Interpreting our dreams then becomes vital. Defecating has a solid symbolic very interesting to review. As always, when we try to understand our dreams, we must keep in mind all the components of the dream. Details give all their dimensions to dreams.
We present you here, the different interpretations of the dream of your poop :

Dream of your poop: a lack of confidence

Dreaming of your poop announce a serious change in your existence. You will certainly start a cleaning procedure in your life by eliminating all the useless things. You have become aware that it is time to get rid of unneeded feelings and to escape negative people. The fecal matter is the disruptive component that you are going to eradicate from your life.
Dreaming of your poop suggests that the burden you need to get rid of may be psychic. It can be a psychological boundary that you have acquired over the years that keeps you from accomplishing things. Dreaming of your poop suggests that you lack faith. You don’t move ahead simply because you feel you cannot: you don’t apply for the job because you presume you’re not up to it; you don’t talk to that person because you don’t think they’ll find you interesting enough… It’s a destructive circle of dissatisfaction that makes you miserable.
Dreaming of your poop can also indicate that these transformations may impact the people around you. You should step back from the destructive people around you. Dreaming of your poop reveals that your unconscious mind is giving you a warning signal. Summon the courage to claim yourself. Don’t let anybody else affect you or walk over you.

Dream of your poop: assert yourself

Dreaming of your poop reveals that you tend to spread your problems to others. You project your own struggles or issues onto others. You end up critisizing certain people, blaming them for things they almost certainly don’t do in reality. Dreaming of your poop reveals that you cannot acknowledge that you have a problem. You find it easier to blame them for everything because, deep down, you are too frightened to look at yourself in the mirror. Dreaming of your poop reveals that you’re just kidding yourself and it can’t go on or you risk losing precious relationships.

Dreaming of your poop: professional development

Dreaming of your poop is not a positive sign economically. Trouble is to be expected. You have started on a unsafe journey and will most likely not see your return on investment. You are afraid of losing control. Dream of your poop reveals that you have been running your money casually lately. You have been making reckless decisions without taking the time to think.
Professionally, dreaming of your poop suggests that you have to work harder. You have to commit yourself more in your job if you want to grow. You are seeking for a certain ideal in life that will save you from need. But there’s no secret, to get there, you’ll really need to get determined and stop beating around the bush. Capable of great things, you still have a lazy side. Dreaming about of your poop appears to show that you are on the correct path and that you have realised certain things.