Why do I keep having the same dream ?

Dreams can sometimes be hard to understand. The scenarios elaborated by our brain during our sleep can be imaginary, dreamlike, fairy-like, prophetic, utopian or even psychedelic. The imagination of our brain during sleep is limitless. We dream several times a night without necessarily remembering it. But sometimes we remember our dreams and we notice that we always have the same dreams. It is quite possible and it happens very often. These dreams are called recurring dreams. But then why do you always have the same dream? What do recurring dreams mean? Do they have a particular meaning? Recurring dreams happen for a reason. It is interesting to try to interpret this dream in order to understand its deep and hidden meaning.

Why do I keep having the same dream

What is a dream?

In order to understand why we have the same dream over and over again, we need to know what exactly a dream is. A dream is a production of our mind during our sleep. It is a way for our minds to release emotions and record information learned during the day. Dreams are essential to the proper physical and mental functioning of human beings. But not only, animals also dream and for the same reasons as us.

We explain in this article what exactly a dream is.

Recurring dreams: what do they mean?

You have noticed that you sometimes have the same dream several times. But why do you always have the same dream? There is no single or simple answer. A dream scenario that tends to repeat itself is called a recurring dream. Recurring dreams can have several explanations:

– A problem that you are unable to solve

– Anxiety about a person or a situation

– An excess of anger

– Repressed feelings

– An overflow of emotions

The causes of these recurring dreams can be numerous. The answer will be different for each person. It is important to look for the meaning of the dream, to understand the signs in order to solve the problem. Dream interpretation can be very helpful.

Recuring nightmares

Nightmares are frightening for everyone. Having the same nightmares over and over again can be very scary and tiring. When you have repeated nightmares you sleep poorly and your sleep is less restful. 

Nightmares can be an expression of many things:

– Anxiety

– Anger

– Stress

– Fear

– Repressed feelings

It will be necessary to examine the dream in detail and interpret the symbols in order to stop the cycle of nightmares. Nightmares can express present or past fears.

Recurring dreams in psychoanalysis

In psychoanalysis, dreams have a very special place. Since the work of Sigmund Freud, we know that dreams are the way to access the unconscious. Dreams are in a way the language of our subconscious. In therapy, it is therefore very interesting to study the content of a patient’s dreams in order to better understand their problems.

Later on, Carl Jung conducted numerous research studies and established that dreams also have a compensatory purpose. They allow the unconscious to find a balance at the psychic level.

Recurring dreams do not happen by chance. They have all their importance and transmit an essential message. Interpreting recurring dreams and understanding their meaning is the only way to get rid of them. You must try to understand why you are having this dream in order to solve your problem.

What is the purpose of dreams?

Dreams have a real use, whether on a psychic or physical level. At the psychic level, they serve to regulate our emotions and to consolidate our memory. At the physical level, they allow our brain to eliminate useless information and to record important information learned during the day. It is a moment of complete creative freedom for the brain which does not have to process the sensory information transmitted by the body during the day.

We explain in detail in this article why we dream and what dreams are for.

recurrent dream in the night

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