Why do we dream ?

Dreams have always been a kind of mystery for man. In ancient times, they were sacred and a symbol of a connection with God. But with the development of modern medicine, it has become clear that dreams have a real use in making our mind and body work properly. They are not only illusory, fantastic, and dreamlike. But then why do we dream? Why do we dream when we sleep? What are dreams used for? Why do we dream? During our sleep, we dream several times each night. These dreams have for mission to help us manage our emotions, channel our fears, and to consolidate our memory. Whether they are purely fantastical or very real, their mission is to help our brain ensure its vital functions.

Why do we dream

What is the purpose of dreams?

It is important to understand why do we dream. Dreams have a very precise and fundamental purpose in the proper functioning of our brain and our psyche.

Dreams help us to manage our emotions

A dream is a place of expression of our emotions. During sleep, our brain is disconnected from our physical sensations. It does not need to analyze or understand them, so it can focus on pure emotions. The reason is put aside and it is the emotions that take control.

These emotions will express themselves through scenarios that are sometimes surprising and difficult to understand. This is normal, there is no longer any notion of real or unreal, of possible or impossible. It is a moment of pure liberating creativity. All kinds of emotions are expressed in dreams: joy, fear, anger, anxiety … Dreams are also a reflection of our state of mind at the time. During our sleep, we evacuate all the emotions that cross us during the day.

As a place of pure and liberated creation, the dream is a space of expression and creation. Creative dreams are a great source of inspiration for man.

Dreams allow us to consolidate our memory

One of the answers to the question of why we dream is more scientific. Dreams not only help us to manage our emotions, but they also help us to consolidate our memory. During our sleep, our memory works, it organizes the information learned during the day. It gets rid of useless information and records the important ones to remember. Through dreams, our brain will reactivate certain memories in order to consolidate them in our memory.

Dreams help us to manage our fears

According to more recent studies, scientists have been able to demonstrate that dreams have an important role in the management of fear. Indeed, their purpose is to train us to react in difficult situations. Dreams would be like a training ground in which we are put to the test in order to adopt the right attitude when the situation occurs in real life. This evolutionary theory explains that the dream fulfills a biological function vital to the survival of the body and the being.

Why do we dream a lot?

To understand why we dream a lot, we need to know that our brain never stops working even when we sleep. Our consciousness goes into a state of sleep but the brain continues to function. It does not ensure the same function as when we are awake.

We dream absolutely every night, whether we remember it or not. We have dozens of dreams every night. We dream a lot because our brain has to store all the information learned during the day, manage and evacuate our emotions and help us to better understand our fears and anxieties. That’s a lot of work to do, in a very short amount of time!

How do we dream?

Dreams occur mainly while we are sleeping. There are several sleep phases and dreams only occur in 2 of them.

The phases of sleep are :

– Falling asleep

– Light sleep

Deep sleep or slow wave sleep

– The paradoxical sleep also know as REM sleep

Dreams occur in the last 2 phases during deep sleep and REM sleep. In each of these phases, the dreams are different.

We explain in detail in this article how a dream is made.

Why do we have nightmares?

A nightmare is a dream. It is a frightening and scary one but still a dream. Like dreams, nightmares are very useful because they allow negative energies to be eliminated. It is perfectly normal to have nightmares. Nightmares are also a way for our minds to confront us with difficult situations in order to improve our reactions. It is a kind of training.

It is normal to have nightmares regularly but if you have them very often or even several times a night, it may indicate a state of extreme anxiety. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist to solve your sleep problems. On the long run, they can affect the quality of your sleep an deteriorate your health.

Why do we always dream about the same person?

To understand why we dream, we need to know that there are several types of dreams including recurring dreams. The scenario of the recurring dream is repeated more or less exactly over several days or even several weeks. Dreaming about the same person is not surprising. This person represents something important for you, either symbolically or metaphorically. This person has an important impact on your life.

dream and nightmares in our sleep

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