How do I know if a dream is premonitory ?

Dreams help maintain a healthy and functioning body and mind. Dreams are a creation of our psyche and they serve a specific purpose. However, there are several types of dreams, including premonitory dreams. The premonitory dream has always fascinated people. In ancient times it was considered as a divine message sent to the Oracles to guide the people and their leaders. Nowadays scientists prefer to deny their existence because they are unable to explain them. However, many testimonies have proven the veracity of these dreams. So how to know if a dream is premonitory? How to recognize a premonitory dream? How to explain a premonitory dream? Once you know how to recognize and interpret them, premonitory dreams will no longer hold any secrets for you.

How do I know if a dream is premonitory

What is a dream?

To answer the question of how to know if a dream is premonitory, you need to know what a dream is.

A dream is a psychic representation made up by our brain during our sleep. The dream occurs during a sleep cycle. A sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes. We do between 4 and 6 sleep cycles per night. Each sleep cycle is composed of a sleep phase, a light sleep phase, a deep sleep phase and a REM sleep phase. Each night we have several dreams which we can remember more or less clearly when we wake up. The realm of dreams belongs to the unconscious and the subconscious.

There are several types of dreams: lucid dreams, topical dreams, recurring dreams, creative dreams, and premonitory dreams.

To learn more about dreams, you can consult our article which will explain in detail what a dream is.

How to differentiate a classic dream from a premonitory dream?

To answer the question of how to know if a dream is premonitory, you have to be able to differentiate between a classic dream and a potentially premonitory dream.

A classic dream is a purely fictional dream. It is a pure creation of our brain. We can sometimes find elements of reality such as people, places, or objects but in an often strange or even fantastic context. We do not necessarily remember our dreams.

A premonitory dream is a dream that will be more significant than others. It triggers strong feelings and emotions in you. Premonitory dreams are not always easy to understand. Of course, it would be too easy! They often manifest themselves in the form of metaphor. This is where the interpretation comes in. To understand a premonitory dream, you must take into account every detail of the dream and look for its precise meaning.

It is also possible that you have a premonitory dream but you do not remember it when you wake up, it happens more often than you think. You know that feeling of “déjà vu”? You are experiencing a scene and you have the feeling that you have already lived it, that you are experiencing it for the second time. Well, this feeling of “déjà vu” is in fact the realization of a forgotten premonitory dream.

How to interpret a premonitory dream?

Interpreting a premonitory dream requires a little practice. It can be difficult for some people to remember their dream with precision. But in premonitory dreams, it is the details that are important. It is therefore necessary to train yourself to remember your dreams.

To help you remember your dreams, the simplest and most effective way is to set up a routine that consists of writing down in a notebook all the dreams you have. Write down every day the dreams you have with as much precision as possible. Little by little, you will notice that your memories are more precise. Eventually, you will be able to sense when a dream is important or not. If your dream is premonitory you will feel it deep inside. Listen to your intuition.

To correctly interpret a premonitory dream, you need to analyze each component of the dream individually and then put it into context. You can consult dream interpretation websites for each detail. Then you will have to assemble each of the interpretations and put them together to give a precise meaning to this premonition.

Do we have to have a “gift” to have a premonition dream?

It is true that not everyone has premonitory dreams. These are very rare dreams. Only a few people are able to have premonitory dreams. These people are often endowed with natural gifts for clairvoyance, paranormal, mediumship, spiritualism, or divination.

However, it is possible to have premonitory dreams even without having a gift. It is possible to have a gift without knowing it yet. Some gifts take time to manifest.

How to have a premonitory dream?

If you are trying to find out if a dream is premonitory, you may be wondering how to have a premonitory dream. This is quite normal. Unfortunately it is very difficult to induce a premonitory dream because they manifest without warning.

You can however work on your dreams by trying to remember them or by trying to have lucid dreams. This way you will be more receptive to premonitory dreams.

We explain in detail in this article how to have a lucid dream.

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