What does dreaming about old pregnancy mean ?

Last night you dreamt about old pregnancy. When you got up the memory of that dream was present in a evident and precise way. This is not the case with all dreams. So this dream has a truly particular symbolism for you. Our subconscious needs the dream to pass on info to us, but this info is not generally very clear! The meaning of the dream is more complex then you think, our subconscious works mysterious ways. Each details of the dream is important and can transform the interpretation that is made of it. Dreaming about old pregnancy bring out many emotions and has a very strong impact. This dream can be quiet destabilizing.
This is why we present here the main interpretations associated with dreaming about old pregnancy:

Dreaming about old pregnancy: confidence and evolution

Dreaming about old pregnancy suggests that you are in a period of spiritual progression . You have become aware of your life as a unique being. You understand that you are reliable for your choices and behaviours. Dreaming about old pregnancy proves that you are an adult now. You are making thoughtful decisions , weighing the pros and cons and taking into consideration the effect they could have on the people around you. This inner maturity opens a new range of possibilities. Indeed, the people around you perceive this evolution and will tend to trust you more . Dreaming about old pregnancy is consequently not a “negative” omen but truly a sign of self confidence.
Dreaming about old pregnancy suggests that you are predisposed to make the right decisions . You wish to do the right thing. You have faith on your future and know in your heart that everything will be ok . Dreaming about old pregnancy shows that you are giving yourself the means to be successful in your projects.

Dreaming about old pregnancy: a change

Dreaming about old pregnancy suggests the birth of a project. Pregnancy is a extended process that requires sacrifice and responsibility. People hardly embarks on this adventure without having given it some thought. In this dream about old pregnancy, the symbolism of pregnancy can signify a project to come. You have had an idea in mind for some time and you were reluctant to take the plunge. Dreaming about old pregnancy indicates that you are at last ready. It will be a very long process but you have the shoulders to make it happen. This project could be professional, such as changing careers, launching your own business, resigning from your present-day job… Or personal, like buying a home, moving abroad, marriage…

Dreaming about old pregnancy: the need to succeed socially

Dreaming about old pregnancy suggests that you have a deep desire to triumph. You want popularity. You have lived a lot of troubles in your life. You’ve gone through periods when you didn’t feel you were up to the task. Dreaming about old pregnancy suggests that you know you are prepared for great things. You want to prove that you are capable. Dreaming about old pregnancy proves how irracional and almost instinctive this desire to succeed is.
Dreaming about old pregnancy proves that you want to move up the social ladder. You want to change your social position. This will happen through work. You want a great career, to climb up the ladder and get to the highest level. You want to be the boss. Dreaming about old pregnancy indicates that this elevation can also be obtained through marriage. You may well meet a person richer than you who will bring you everything you’ve always dreamed of.