What does dreaming of dying rats mean ?

Dreaming about dying rats along with dreaming of death in general can be quite upsetting and terrifying. You can be worried that this dream will be premonitory. But don’t panic, there’s nothing to be alarmed about. Dreams belong to an unconscious dream world. Psychoanalysis has proven that our subconscious mind uses our sleep phases to create an utopian and fantastic reality where everything becomes possible. Staged scenarios should not be translated literally. Dreaming of dying rats must therefore be interpreted with caution. Do not take things literally. Our subconscious communicates through metaphors or allegories to get messages across. It is up to us to use the tools at our disposal to interpret this dream of dying rats and to obtain a good and personal interpretation.
We present here the different meanings of dreaming about dying rats:

Dream about dying rats: a symbol of renewal

Dreaming about dying rats can represent a serious internal change, improvement, self-discovery and very good progress in your life. You are starting a transition phase that makes you more accessible and spiritual. Wonderful changes await you. You will make a new start by leaving the past behind. You may dream of dying rats if you are about to get married or divorced, get a promotion or move to a new country.
If in your dream of dying rats, your ex was present, your unconscious is trying to make you understand that this relationship is over and that you have to move on.
Dreaming about dying rats shows that you are going through a vital change in your life. The relationship you have with your family will evolve into a new dimension. You are flying the nest and distancing yourself from their influence.

Dreaming about dying rats: a profound change

Metaphorically, dreaming about dying rats can be seen as the end of your old habits, eccentricities, destructive behaviour or other aspects of your personality. Dreaming of dying rats is then not a real death, but rather the end of something. In these dreams, the thing that dies is symbolized by one of the details surrounding you.
Dreaming about dying rats may suggest that you have to grow up and eliminate your immaturity. It is time for you to understand your responsibilities and start acting like an adult. Dreaming about dying rats could also mean that your inner child is suffocating and you are not allowing him or her express himself or herself.

Dreaming about dying rats: a warning

The alarming nature of death in a dream can be, by itself, a warning. Dreaming about dying rats is your unconscious mind’s way of having your attention. You are facing a problem in your waking life that requires your full attention. No need to run away, it is time to take responsibility.
For some people, dreaming about dying rats can be an health alert. If you’ve been bypassing medical appointments lately, it’s time to reschedule them. Dreaming about dying rats implies that you also need to make changes in your lifestyle or diet routine. Some day you will pay for your excesses.

Dreaming about dying rats: the flight / sacrifice / a necessary awareness

Dreaming about dying rats can mean that you are really trying to break free from the responsibilities of your life. You are burying your head in the sand but your unconscious is there to call you to order. This may involve obligations and responsibilities that are heavy to bear and make you sorrowful. Dreaming about dying rats may also suggest that you are in a complex relationship and don’t understand how to work things out.
In some cases, dreaming about dying rats is a personal sacrifice. You think that you are always putting others ahead of yourself and never receiving anything in return. Obviously this situation can’t last. Nurturing yourself is also a way of caring for others.